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ENZA Power

Enza-PowerENZA Power's living microbes devour built up materials within your drain lines, such as grease, oil, fats, food particles, hair, paper, organic waste matter and soap products that cause slow drains. ENZA Power even eliminates the most pungent odors from your plumbing system…including “rotten egg” smells! Typical liquid drain openers remove clogs, but they flow past the main buildup. Special enzymes in ENZA Power cling to the inside of your pipes and help remove years of old buildup. Pipes flow like new.

Keep your drain lines clear and flowing freely – while protecting the health of your septic system. Order your introductory six-bottle supply of ENZA Power now!

Note to Septic System Owners:

Most drain cleaners are caustic, destroying the good bacteria that are necessary for proper septic tank operation. Enza-Power is all natural and septic safe!

Directions for Usage

Pour 2 ounces down each drain in your home every month.
ENZA Power will clean and deoderize drains in sinks, floors, garbage disposals and showers.

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